Dill Pickle Pork Rinds (Keto Friendly)

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  • UNIQUE FLAVOR: Fresh pork rinds, coconut oil, and dill pickle seasoning, no added sugar, gluten free, zero carb, no MSG
  • COCONUT OIL: Usually pork rinds are fried in pork lard, giving them a heavier taste; our pork rinds are fried in coconut oil giving a lighter taste and the benefits of natural MCT’s
  • DILL PICKLE FLAVOR: Sprinkled with a custom seasoning blend to generate the taste sensation of a crunchy dill pickle making it a great alternative to potato chips.
  • LOW CARB: Virtually no carbs, perfect for keto; paleo and low-glycemic too; SEALED JAR: Comes in a sealed jar for less breakage and safer packaging